How Not to Violate Google Adsense TOS

As an experienced Internet marketer you know how important it is that you use the right monetization program on your website. There are lots of ways to do this but AdSense is still the most popular program around. As a Google AdSense publisher you are supposed to follow the terms of service to the letter or Google will ban your account. This article will talk about the most common mistakes people make and show you how easy it is to avoid making them yourself. Also, don’t forget that reliable web hosting is definitely a must with online marketing. We recommend BlueHost, be sure to look at our BlueHost review.

Golden Rule No.1

google-adsense-tipsOne common Google AdSense mistake is launching a new page when your ad is currently being clicked. This means that your AdSense as should open on the same page. It’s true: you aren’t allowed to have different landing pages for your ads.

This is a rule because Google doesn’t want to offer advertisers a bad return on their investment by letting users send people away from the ads they run. In order to truly assist Google in giving the very best service possible to their advertisers you will need to avoid doing anything that could affect the quality of the ads that are placed upon your page. Displaying adjacent images is hard and confusing for most site traffic. Not so long ago publishers tried to increase their ad click through rate by putting up images next to or adjacent to their text links in an attempt to (falsely) get readers to think that the images represented the text ads being displayed.

Now even including a space between your advertisements violates the rules. You need to take steps to ensure that your images and ads aren’t arranged in any way that could potentially confuse or mislead a site visitor. Avoiding little mistakes like these can do a lot to make sure that you stay in good standing with Google and that your account doesn’t get banned.

increasing-the-effectiveness-of-online-advertising_knowledge_standardYou’ll also be expected to never mix other context ads on the same page that you’re displaying Google Adsense ads. The other ads represent competition with Google, and it follows that they frown upon such practices. Don’t try and copy-cat the Adsense ads because it’s against their TOS, too. You can put other types of ads on your page, it’s just that they can’t look like Adsense ads. You can do very well with Adsense, but you’ll need to stick with the programs and follow their TOS. It’s best to ask before you do anything you’re not sure about.


In conclusion: these tips illustrate just how easy it is for webmasters to find success with Google Adsense. You might be doing everything right but if you aren’t able to avoid these simple mistakes then it will become a problem in the long run. Lots of webmasters lose their AdSense accounts to dumb mistakes but that doesn’t mean you have to join their ranks. Google AdSense can prove to be a really good earner for your website or blog, make the most out of it. Lastly, be sure to see if there are any new BlueHost coupon codes.